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Estate Sale Process

Before the Sale

1. Free In-Home Consultation

During this time, we will tour the home and discuss:

  • Items to be sold

  • Our % based commission. We do not charge set-up fees. There is a clean out fee for items that do not sell but you are left with a completely empty house within 24 hours of the sale ending. 

  • Schedule set-up and sale based on your unique situation and needs

  • Provide a contract for your review or signature


2. Client Home Duties

  • Decide, with necessary family members, what to keep.

  • Clean out any refrigerators and freezers.

  • Take out the trash: literal trash, personal paperwork, old makeup, etc.

  • Do not donate anything else – you’d be amazed what can be sold!

  • Choose how you would like to provide access to your home: key, lockbox, garage code.

3. Sydney Lane Estate Sales Staff Duties

  • Organizing and staging for the estate sale. 

  • Taking photographs for marketing.

  • Assigning values and pricing items.

  • Liaising with appraisers, as needed 

  • Advertising the sale online and via email.


During an In-Home Sale

  • Signs will be posted the morning of the sale, directing people into the neighborhood.

  • A flag will be placed in the front lawn to attract attention to the location.

  • Prices are 25% off on the 2nd day of the sale and 50% off on the final day.

  • For security purposes, signs will be posted to keep people from entering certain areas.  There will be only one entrance and exit.  All exterior doors will be locked unless they are needed to move furniture.

  • Sales typically last three days, with set up taking 3+ days depending on the amount of items and level of organization needed.


After the Sale

Sydney Lane Estate Sales prides itself in leaving clients with an empty house!  All unsold items will be packed and donated.​

A statement and business check will be mailed to the client within one week of the sale.

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