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Online Auctions


Check out our past and current auctions HERE.

Do you have fine jewelry? Collectibles? Other in-demand items? An online auction is a fantastic and successful alternative to an in-person sale for clients with these items! We are experienced with all aspects of online auctions. We provide online auction services on location or at an off-site location. We will organize, categorize, photograph, and take down all the details before creating the online auction listings. We run our sales on Denver Online Auctions. Online auctions last 7 days, after which we host 2 scheduled pick up days for customers to collect their items.


For our clients, the process is still very similar in terms of minimal client duties; removing the trash and deciding with family which items they want and what will be available for the sale.

Another option potentially available for clients is a HYBRID SALE, where higher end and collectible items are placed on auction and the remaining items are sold in-person.

We would love to talk to you about your options! Contact us today.

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